A revelation in nutrition (for me at least)

I underwent some tests to see if I was suffering from Celiac disease although the results would not show my antibodies because I’d already cut wheat gluten out of my diet. Thing is, I cannot eat several delicious fruit and veg or I seize up with varying symptoms whereby my body just says ‘NO’.

Once I discern one of these I make a note in my book and start avoiding it while planning an alternative for the offending ingredient. I used to love cucumbers and melons and courgettes; squash, marrow, pumpkin, watermelons, pickles, gherkins and more.

The more I eat foods free of these irritants the better I feel. I’m almost convinced it’s glyphosate that’s causing a massive problem for me, coupled with CPTSD, having urine tests and blood tests twice a year to make sure it’s not something other like MS, arthritis or Crohn’s or cancer.