13/06/2016 In October 2013 I gave birth to my third son who should also be my last as I’m approaching 40 in a couple of years and I don’t think I can physically and mentally handle giving birth to another big boy (or girl as it may turn out). I’ve been through the mill in the last two years. I’ll tell you all about it in my Blog!

10/04/2013 What a week I’ve had! Tomorrow my exhibition at the school opens and I am quite nervous. Setting up didn’t seem so smooth but we somehow got there in the end although I was super concious that this was not a proper gallery space, the school didn’t want us to make any walls and I need to have the function there to show the massive patchwork quilt. I feel naked now, this will literally be my coming out. It’s time for walking through that door. It looks great.

21/03/2013 If you are here you obviously want to see my work up close and personally. You can do just that, come if you can to West London, Ladbroke Grove on 11th to 13th of April. I’ll be there and so will some of my best work to date. A quilt, oil paintings and prints will be for sale.

As the time draws closer for my début event at St Thomas’ Primary School I feel energized about my prospect of meeting and connecting with a future collector and others that will share my passions and enhance my artistic life.
For so long I felt like life was on hold for one reason or another but what always saw me through was the incessant ability to find inspiration. My life has been crammed full of emotional upheaval and physical anguish has been dwarfed only by the mental distress caused by countless traumatic events but if I intend to be honest with my audience (I really do!) then I will concede that at times I thought life would swallow me up whole and tomorrow would never come. Those days are long gone now but what remains is the desire to succeed in all aspects of my life, as a person, a lover, a mother, an artist – a woman. I look around and see so many lives in upheaval and I am glad that for once I know what I want and where I want to go with it, the difficult part will be to find the path and walk it diligently to it’s conclusion.

I’ve been working diligently to get exhibition ready for my School event which is all confirmed and signed off for Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of April 2013. It’s so exciting that I’ll be able to show quilt with other related pieces, find announcements all over the net, starting with

11th, 12th and 13th April 2013 are the dates for my initial showcase exhibition for some of my pieces. It’ll be held in the home of my collaborative quilt, ‘Landscapes’. It’s the St Thomas’ Primary CE School in North Kensington, and for just three days it’ll be attended by locals, VIP invitees and their guests. If you’d like and invitation please contact me through my feedback form. Must get on with my marketing plan . . . I’ll be announcing it officially shortly.

Painting in oils really is such a beautiful experience, I love layering it and mixing it on the canvas.  The painting itself is depicting one of my emotional nightmares – where I realize that sometimes we have to face our demons, especially when there is nowhere left to turn.

13th October 2012

Working on this painting with such changeable light is proving tricky, and again I’ve given myself the added difficulty of a textured surface. It just adds drama . . . I love it!

8th October 2012

Today I installed my ‘Grove’ quilt in the living room and it looks amazing! It really is a feast for the eyes

2nd October 2012

The Manchester exhibition is postponed temporarily which gives me more time for prep.

The painting is coming along so just look out for my next entry . .

24th June 2012

This is the beginning.

I’ve hidden from the world for long enough. The paintings under my rug must be exposed.

I am currently finishing a quilt  inspired by Ladbroke Grove and particularly by a school for which I made a giant patchwork quilt last year.  See my quilt page

If you want to go and see it the address is St Thomas’ Primary CE, Appleford Road, London W10 5EF. 020 8969 2810 – Call to make an appointment.

I am preparing for an exhibition in Manchester in November – Watch this space.

October 3 2012

Lots of new work lovingly created for upcoming Manchester show. Laboriously and lovingly made – My work takes time, care and love.

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  3. Frankie 11/07/2012 at 10:08 |

    How can I find out more details about your Manchester exhibition? I love your work and would love to see and feel it in reality.

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